Zenith – Afro Collection


This Afro Collection is an essential toolkit for creating dynamic and rhythmic Afro-inspired tracks:

Melody loops with stems: 9 loops providing melodic elements, each with stems for easy customization and arrangement.

Drum loops with stems: 22 loops offering intricate rhythms, each accompanied by stems for flexible arrangement options.

Drum one shots:

  • Hihat: 36
  • Kick: 19
  • Percussion: 80
  • Rim: 26
  • Shakers: 81
  • Snare: 17

Hihat loops: 17 loops to add groove and rhythm to tracks.

Instrument loops: 74 loops featuring instruments tailored for Afro-inspired productions.

Percussion loops: 142 loops to inject vibrant and complex rhythms into tracks.

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