Zenith – Latin Collection


LoFi Collection

This Latin Collection from Zenith’s Complete Production Bundle serves as the gateway to the vibrant world of Latin rhythms! Dive into an array of captivating sounds with:

  • 18 Bass loops: Providing deep, resonant grooves to anchor tracks.
  • 17 Drum loops with stems: Offering versatile arrangement options to keep beats fresh and dynamic.
  • 259 Percussion one-shots: Explore a diverse range of bongos, congas, fills, hi-hats, kicks, misc, perc, snares, and timbales to add spice to rhythms.
  • 8 Melody loops with stems: Add depth and character to compositions with customizable melodies.
  • 31 Hihat loops: Infuse tracks with crisp, rhythmic textures to keep listeners moving.
  • 19 Kick loops: Provide music with powerful low-end thump to drive the energy forward.
  • 26 Percussion loops: Inject productions with infectious Latin energy for an authentic sound.

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