Zenith – Serum Presets


Elevate your music production game with the Phantom48.Lab – Taygeta Ultimate Production Bundle. Boasting an impressive arsenal of 2593 MIDI files, 116 WAV loops, and 713 Serum presets, this meticulously crafted package is your shortcut to faster beat-making. Designed to streamline your workflow, it provides all the essential tools for creating professional beats in under 10 minutes. Unleash your creativity effortlessly and elevate your sound with this comprehensive and efficient production bundle.

Phantom48.Lab – Serum Presets

Dive into a realm of boundless creativity with our diverse MIDI offerings:

  • Arp MIDI (115 Files): Unleash the power of arpeggios with 115 MIDI files, infusing intricate patterns and dynamic movement into your compositions.
  • Chords MIDI (428 Files): Explore an expansive array of chord progressions through 428 MIDI files, perfect for crafting lush harmonies and melodic structures.
  • Clap MIDI (10 Files): Inject rhythm and energy into your beats with 10 MIDI files dedicated to captivating clap patterns.
  • Full Drum Stems (10 Folders): Immerse yourself in the flexibility of 10 folders containing full drum stems, allowing you to dissect and customize your drum arrangements effortlessly.
  • Hihat Loop (30 Loops): Elevate your percussion game with 30 finely crafted hihat loops, adding groove and precision to your beats.
  • Hihat MIDI (184 Files): Infuse your rhythm section with flair using 184 MIDI files tailored for hihat patterns, ensuring your beats stand out.
  • Kick MIDI (69 Files): Drive your tracks with authority using 69 MIDI files designed for impactful kick patterns.
  • Melodies MIDI (1757 Files): Immerse yourself in an extensive library of 1757 MIDI melodies, covering a spectrum of genres and moods for limitless creative exploration.
  • Melody Loop WAV (20 Loops): Instantly elevate your productions with 20 high-quality melody loops in WAV format, providing ready-to-use inspiration.
  • Percussions MIDI (20 Files): Add rhythmic intricacy to your beats with 20 MIDI files dedicated to percussive elements.
  • Snares MIDI (10 Files): Fine-tune your snare game with 10 MIDI files offering versatile snare patterns.

The journey doesn’t halt there – dive further into the sonic realm with our Serum Presets:

  • ARP (118 Presets): Unearth captivating arpeggiated sounds with 118 meticulously crafted Serum presets.
  • Pluck (70 Presets): Enrich your tracks with 70 pluck presets, ranging from delicate and atmospheric to bold and dynamic.
  • Pad (68 Presets): Create immersive atmospheres and lush backgrounds with 68 pad presets, adding depth and emotion to your compositions.
  • Lead (128 Presets): Dominate the forefront of your mix with 128 lead presets, each designed for maximum impact and expressiveness.
  • Keys (124 Presets): Discover a diverse array of keyboard-inspired presets with 124 options to enhance your harmonic palette.
  • Keyboard (41 Presets): Elevate your productions with 41 keyboard presets, spanning a wide range of tones and textures.

With an expansive collection totaling 3422 creative assets, the Phantom48.Lab – Taygeta Ultimate Production Bundle stands as your key to unmatched sonic brilliance. Propel your productions to new heights, captivate your audience, and embark on a musical journey that surpasses all expectations. Elevate your sound and redefine your musical landscape with this extraordinary bundle.



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